Renovation / optimization Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

The Pulitzer hotel has been renovated which made the individual character of the (State-) monumental buildings of the hotel more recognizable. Our client has stated this as follows: "A stay in the Pulitzer is a historical discovery of a glorious history dating back to the golden age. The hotel is located in twenty-five 17th and 18th century canal houses that once were the scenery of leading trade and the flamboyant Dutch aristocracy "

The hotel rooms and the restaurant are optimized including the installation parts. The internal routing in the building is also improved. The garden is refurbished and on the Prinsengracht side, a new entrance has been made. During the construction period, the hotel remained in operation. Studio Y prepared the architectural work for this project.

We worked together with Jacu Strauss, who has designed the Interior, and a fantastic construction team.


The Deerbrook Group / Riverland Coöperatief



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