3e Helmersstraat 29 Amsterdam

Derde Helmersstraat 29


A former shop building with 4 houses, at the corner of Derde Helmersstraat 29 and Genestetstraat in Amsterdam, was designed in 1899 by architect/contractor L. van der Tas in eclectic style. In 2017 Salverda contracted Studio Y to design a complete renovation. The project has been completed at the end of 2019.

The building has got a new foundation including a basement with daylight ‘cuckoo’s ‘. On the ground floor, 2 houses have been realized with bedrooms in the basement. The building has got an extra floor. On each floor spacious floor houses are realized complete with elevator. All exterior façade adjustments are carefully kept in the original style. The new collective main entrance is now on the Genestetstraat and the old entrance at the Derde Helmersstraat 29 has become the entrance to a bicycle storage room.


Salverda Bouw b.v.



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